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the 4 best ways to hang bay window

Modern Bay Window Curtains for Your Home

bay window curtains between blue and yellow: bay

Bay windows are a classy, pretty idea for any room. They maximize the interior sense of space and give you an opportunity to add a little reading nook or a tiny seating area to enjoy the sun. Bay windows allow viewing the outer world better. But with all that, bay windows are a little odd when it comes to hanging curtains.

It has a different way to communicate with your room walls and the d cor there. Because they formbay window curtains bay windows are nice, but bay in the room by projecting outward, you wonder how to manage bay window curtains.

A regular straight rod won t serve the purpose. You need to pick three or more small rods and fix them on each portion of the window. This way you can have separate curtains which are easy to pull open or close. The curtains add texture to the window and style to your room if you open them the way they are done in image 17 simple but adorable bay window curtains designs done in image two, first row.

If you like to adorn your window with valances as in the last image of the first row, you need to bend a single rod. If you want to hang curtains on a single straight rod, you need to install the rod at the frame of window as it is in the second image of second row.

Choosing the fabric of curtains or design is totally dependent on your own choice and your roombay window curtains bay windows with long curtainsd cor. Often light color curtains win the battle of choice because they are modern and can blend in any environment. Silk curtains are considered classy. Cotton curtains are heavy and a good choice for cold climate areas. You have lace and voile also as a chic choice for summer days. You ca find all different varieties on Birch Lane and eBay.

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